to the Bandy Heritage Center! As a community outreach program of Dalton State College, the Bandy Heritage Center celebrates the history and culture of Northwest Georgia. This mission is achieved through collaboration with partnering historical and cultural organizations throughout the area, enabling the Center to fulfill its role as the primary source for information related to the region’s historic resources.

Established in 2008 through the generosity of Mr. Jack Bandy, the Center is currently in the formative stages and is presently devoting its energies to public outreach programming as well as heritage tourism. In time, the BHC will also include an archival collection and exhibits concentrating on the Northwest Georgia area and will sponsor research and publishing activities which promote a more complete understanding of the region’s heritage.


Changing Interpretations of John Bell Hood
Dr. Fowler to speak at Heritage Sandy Springs about John Bell Hood more

Civil War lecture Sandy Springs


"Trading Space for Time" tour a success
Bandy Center's tour highlighted points of the Atlanta Campaign by focusing on General Johnston's retreat route more



Mists of Appalachia on April 26, 2014
The Bandy Center cosponsors together with the Royal Oaks Retirement Community the "Mists of Appalachia" which will explore Appalachian culture and history more



Northwest Georgia driving tour to trace Johnston's steps
"Trading Space for Time: General Joseph Johnson and the Atlanta Campaign" driving tour on April 19 more

Battle map


Mists of Appalachia
Dalton's Royal Oaks Retirement Community, in association with the Bandy Heritage Center, presents the first in its series of ”Mists of Appalachia" public programming events that will explore Appalachian culture and history through artistic performances. This first program of this multi-series event will feature the Ceilidh band, a group of Northwest Georgia musicians who play classic Celtic music. more


Changing Interpretations of John Bell Hood
John Bell Hood, Confederate General had a reputation for bravery and aggressiveness that sometimes bordered on recklessness. Historian John Fowler takes a look at the changing interpretations of the General, perhaps most noted for his defeat at the Atlanta Campaign. Fowler serves as Chair of History at Dalton State College and the director of the Bandy Heritage Center for Northwest Georgia. more