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Bandy Heritage Center installs new exhibits at the Whitfield County Courthouse

April 06, 2023

Bandy Heritage Center student interns Erica Perez and Nick Hennes installed three new World War Il themed exhibits at the Whitfield County Courthouse. Perez and Hennes wrote the object descriptions, designed the layout, and installed the exhibit cases now on display on the second floor of the courthouse. The new exhibits tell the stories Of the Victory Ship SS Dalton Victory and Liberty Ship SS James Oglethorpe; detail the training, service, and sacrifice Of Daltonian Theodore R. Coley, a paratrooper With the 82nd Airborne Division killed in action in the early hours of D-Day; and display a Japanese Army Type 99 Arisaka infantryman's rifle brought home to Dalton as a war prize by John W. (Bill) Evans who served as a field artillery crewman in the Marine Corps during the war.