Bandy Heritage Center

Help Us Make History!

A Guide to Donating Artifacts, Photographs, and Archival Records

Personal materials like photographs, diaries, letters, tools, and clothing hold vital and unique information regarding your life, or the history of your family and its place in our region. These items obviously matter to you, and they may be important to your community, too! When you donate your personal and family records to the Bandy Center, you are securing your, your family’s, or your business’ legacy in Northwest Georgia’s collective memory. Help us make history by sharing yours!

You might be surprised what kinds of historically significant materials you possess! The materials we seek are not always “old,” nor do they need to relate to someone “famous.” Historical significance takes many forms, especially in a region with our unique industrial and demographic history. Arranging a donation is as simple as giving us a call.

Our collecting mission is defined regionally—that is, we collect items of importance to a seven-county area of Northwest Georgia that includes Murray, Whitfield, Catoosa, Walker, Dade, Chattooga and Gordon counties. Within that regional focus, our interest is broad and comprehensive. Briefly, the materials we seek include but are not limited to:

  • Business history—general
  • Business history—carpet & tufting
  • Civic and governmental history
  • Leisure and lived history
  • Media history
  • Military history
  • Personal & family history
  • Photographs
  • Political history
  • Religious history
  • School history

In all, we collect anything that adds to the story of Northwest Georgia! If you have any questions concerning the donation process or the work of the Bandy Heritage Center for Northwest Georgia, please contact Brian Hilliard at or 706-272-4452. Thank you!