to the Bandy Heritage Center! As a community outreach program of Dalton State College, the Bandy Heritage Center celebrates the history and culture of Northwest Georgia. This mission is achieved through collaboration with partnering historical and cultural organizations throughout the area, enabling the Center to fulfill its role as the primary source for information related to the region’s historic resources.

Established in 2008 through the generosity of Mr. Jack Bandy, the Center is currently in the formative stages and is presently devoting its energies to public outreach programming as well as heritage tourism. In time, the BHC will also include an archival collection and exhibits concentrating on the Northwest Georgia area and will sponsor research and publishing activities which promote a more complete understanding of the region’s heritage.


"Over Here and Over There" At Smyrna Public Library
Bandy Heritage Center traveling exhibit on display at Smyrna Public Library more


"When the Cold War Turned Hot: American Soldiers and Marines in Korea and Vietnam"
Glen Kyle to discuss the weapons of the Cold War. more


"Waterloo, June 18, 1815: The Emperor's Final Ride"
Dr. Tom Veve to review historical significance of the Battle of Waterloo more

Tom Veve


"Thread by Thread" at the Depot Gallery
"Thread by Thread" continues to be on display through June more

Thread by Thread